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Negotiating Successfully with Arab Business Partners



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Communication Skills
Global Communication,
The road to success in international and Arab markets:

When looking closely at the situation in the Middle East, you find that there are many opportunities for accelerated European trade growth throughout the Gulf Region. The Arab world offers a great potential to increase sales in areas where European companies are already successful, such as banking software, telecoms, IT sectors, process control, automation, and construction services.

The best way to exploit this potential in the Arab World is the ability to communicate. This includes background knowledge about Arab culture and traditions, right down to Arabian rules of behavior in doing business.

Janzir CONSULT strengthens your cross- culture skills. Whether you are a German or European company in need to optimize your relations to Saudi clients, or need intercultural negotiation skills for doing Business in Dubai or else where in the Arab world, our consultancy services will assure that you are prepared for doing Business with the Arab world.



Latest News:


Janzir CONSULT supporting German hospitals at the Arab Health 2005 exhibition in Dubai - UAE.

An international patient management company from Hamburg was an exhibitor at the Arab Health 2005 together with a delegation of professors and physicians from the Albertinen-Diakoniewerk and the Marienkrankenhaus Hamburg.
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